The History of Opko Health Europe

OPKO Europe was born from the integration of Pharmadiet in OPKO Health. For more than 30 years, the visioninherited in OPKO Europe has been based on the correction of a large part of the degenerative processes through the administration of specific ingredients that act as precursors of essential structures.

We remain faithful to this philosophy, investigating, developing and making available to patients and healthcare professionals nutritional supplements, sanitary products and medicines, which help to maintain the functional capacity and in the correction of fundamental structures for the life of humans and pets.

We are a part of a young, creative, enthusiastic and highly qualified team who are committed to continuous innovation. Our field is multinational, presented in over 50 countries, with the goal of increasing this number quickly in the coming years.

To OPKO it is a great pleasure to contribute to the community with innovative products and new technologies that contribute to improving the health of people and pets.