A line that provides an ear solution for dogs and cats. A cleansing solution for the ear canal and pinna. Does not contain alcohol and it is not irritating, itchy, or dry to ear canal or pinna. It acts as an antifungal and antibacterial for the treatment of otitis externa, as well as Malassezia pahydermatis.


A non-irritant, balanced solution made with lemon citrus fruit oil, N-acetylcysteine, boric acid, hyaluronic acid and zinc gluconate, for external use and regular hygiene of the auricle and external ear canal and/or cleaning. For the maintenance of physiological conditions of the ear.

Nº Reg.: 10633-H.


Otinet® solution

Non-irritant balanced otic solution based on Citrus medica limonum water, for hygiene of the outer ear and pinna. Non-oily solution with a pH of 5.6. Alcohol-free.

Nº Reg.: 00608-H.