Visrelax® single doses

Eye drops in sterile single-dose containers based on distilled waters of Euphrasia, Camomile, Hamamelis virginiana and Green tea.


What is it?

Eye drops in practical single-dose sterile containers, based on distilled waters of Euphrasia (8%), Camomile (8%), Hamamelis (8%) and Green Tea (8%), with a soothing and refreshing action that respects the physiological pH of the ocular mucosa.

The combined action of these natural substances alleviates:

– Red or irritated eyes caused by:

  • pollution, dust, wind
  • sea water, chlorinated pool water.


– Tired eyes caused by:

  • prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays
  • staring at something for an extended period (studying, working at the computer)
  • lack of sleep.

Compatible with contact lenses.

Indicated for

Relief for tired, irritated eyes.

Mode of use

Open the single-dose container and twist off the cap. Drop 2-3 drops into each eye by gently squeezing the container. The container can be closed again, but the contents should be used within 12 hours. It can also be used by contact lens users, as it does not contain preservatives.


Distilled water of Euphrasia (8%), distilled water of Hamamelis virginiana (8%), distilled water of Camomile (8%), distilled water of Green Tea (8%), dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, sodium chloride, water for injections q.s. 100 ml. Preservative-free.


10 x 0.5 ml single-dose containers. Contains a reusable cap.

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