Ostenil® mini

1.0% sodium hyaluronate obtained by fermentation. Viscoelastic solution for injection in small joints. Sterile by moist heat.


What is it?

1 ml of isotonic solution contains 10.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate and water for injection.

Indicated for

Pain and restricted mobility in degenerative and traumatic changes of small synovial joints, for example, the facet joints of the lumbar spine, the saddle joint of the thumb, the interphalangeal joints of the fingers and toes, the proximal joint of the big toe and the temporomandibular joint.

In the treatment of large joints, such as the knee, hip or shoulder, pre-filled syringes of OSTENIL or OSTENIL® PLUS must be used.

Mode of use

1 to 3 injections per course. For medical use.


A pre-filled syringe of 10 mg/1.0 ml OSTENIL® MINI in sterile a pack.

Additional information

Sterile pre-filled syringe