Made with polyunsaturated fats (EPA, DHA, GLA y LA), zinc and group B vitamins. Nutrients that contributes to the maintenance of a healthy skin and fur in dogs and cats.



-Fish oil with omega 3

-EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

-DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

-Borage oil with GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)

-Linoleic acid

-Vitamin B1

-Vitamin B2

-Vitamin B6

-Vitamin B5

-Vitamin B12

-Folic acid



Direction for use

-Cats: 1 capsule every 2 days. If preferred, pour the contents of the capsule in the regular feed.


Up to 10 kg of weight: 1 capsule every 2 days.

From 10 to 15 kg of weight: 1 capsule/day

From 15 to 25 kg of weight: 2 capsules/day

From 25 to 35 kg of weight: 3 capsules/day

Over 35 kg of weight: 4 capsules/day


-Box with 60 soft gelatine capsules.

-Box with 360 soft gelatine capsules. (Clinical pack)