A non-irritant, balanced solution made with lemon citrus fruit oil, N-acetylcysteine, boric acid, hyaluronic acid and zinc gluconate, for external use and regular hygiene of the auricle and external ear canal and/or cleaning. For the maintenance of physiological conditions of the ear.

Nº Reg.: 10633-H.



– N-acetylcysteine

– Boric acid

– Sodium hyaluronate

– Zinc gluconate

– Lemon citrus fruit oil

Direction for use

Position the auditory canal as vertically as possible. Squeeze the container and apply the necessary amount of NACOTIL to fill the canal completely.

Lightly massage the base of the ear to allow correct distribution of the product. If necessary, then clean inside the auricle with sterile gauze or cotton wool. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions.


Use Nacotil for a minimum of 3 weeks. Use may be prolonged according to your veterinarian’s instructions. When used for cleaning prior to the application of a treatment in case of otitis externa, first apply the cleaner 30 minutes before.


Store at a temperature below 30ºC in a cool place protected from heat sources.

Once opened, store at room temperature (<30ºC) or in the refrigerator and discard after 30 days.


External use in pets.

Single-use packaging.


Box with a 125 ml container.